Amigo Pancho

Amigo Pancho

Amigo Pancho is about to go on an adventure with his balloons in the middle of a desert. Help Pancho get out of the big, dangerous canyon he is stuck in.

How to play

You must assist our valiant companion in fleeing the stifling heat of the desert by clearing a path and removing obstacles from his way. Amigo flies utilizing a series of balloons attached to himself; you must remove the objects that constitute a threat and could bust his balloons, causing him to plunge to his death! Be wary of traps, spikes, and other sharp items, as they will puncture the balloons immediately. Guide Amigo Pancho as far as possible via the twenty-five distinct stages. This game includes entertaining gameplay, hard riddles, and excellent cartoon graphics. Can you complete all levels and help Amigo Pancho escape?

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