Building Rush

Building Rush

In the exciting management game Building Rush, you run your own supply firm in the midst of a construction boom. A brand-new town is now being built, and that means business. Establish factories to mass-produce and market the required materials. Upgrade points can be obtained by obtaining medals and completing achievements. Put them towards a more fruitful day. To get better results and more experience points, you should play through the levels again. 


Each additional $10 spent over the Gold Medal requirements will earn you 1 Upgrade Point, with the Bronze Medal awarding 100 points, the Silver Medal +50 points, and the Gold Medal awarding +100 points. Make your plant selections fast by using the numbers (1 for the first plant, 2 for the second, etc.). Large-scale maps have a special feature that lets you click on the same plant over and over again to make the camera focus on that plant.

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