Candy Rain 7

Candy Rain 7

In Candy Rain 7, one of the best Match 3 games ever made, your goal is to group identical candies and shape them into rows or columns of 3 or more identical candies until they disappear.


Candy Rain 7 is a matching and squashing game in which the player must complete the level's objective in the allotted number of moves by matching and squashing candies. If the player reaches the end of the level without using all of their available moves, the game will finish the rest of the moves for them so that they can progress to the next level.

How to play

The player must create clusters of at least three identical candies in order to eradicate them. As the candies are taken out of play, the player's score increases. In order to advance to the next level, the player must use the available movements to remove the specified candies from the board. Gaining access to more power candies speeds up the game. Failure to complete the objective results in the loss of a life and the end of the game.

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