Catch the Candy

Catch the Candy

Get ready for a sugary journey on Catch the Candy! Of course, sweets are enjoyed by everyone, but there are those who truly go bonkers for them. You play the role of a fluffy protagonist with a serious sugar craving, and you must guide him through a series of levels to get the reward he so desires. 

To sweeten someone's day, nothing beats a candy bar. They're packed with flavor and quite tasty. You need this candy to complete the game. The game is mouse-controlled. There is a red and white candy just out of reach on every level. Gathering it is necessary for advancement. Although your protagonist is armless, he has many other tricks up his sleeve. To extend your arm so that you can adhere to surfaces and lift yourself up to the candy, click and hold on the screen. You'll need to solve problems on each level if you want to make it to the candy. Getting your hands on a tasty snack may require some ingenuity on your part. Use your manipulative skills to move the things around, demolish the walls, and eliminate the antagonists blocking your path to the candy. Do you think you have what it takes to complete all 75 levels?

How To Play Catch the Candy

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