Christmas Monster Truck

Christmas Monster Truck

Prepare yourself for difficult, snow-covered highways in the Christmas Monster Truck! Here we are on Christmas Day, driving an incredible truck across elevated platforms and other obstacles to reach the finish line. Let's have a good time and scale those bizarre jumping platforms.

You're piloting a monster truck through a snowy landscape set to festive music. Regardless of how magical it may seem, the quality of your work is what really matters. Don't think this is a stroll up the hill for a holiday game, though; the truck has to make it up some ramps first. We have faith that, with your thoughtful guidance, you will be able to accomplish great things while still having a great time with this game. Can you manage without Santa's help?


The W key controls speed, and the S key slows you down. Once you've driven up the ramps and into the air, you may use the A and D keys to fine-tune your vehicle's stability. The number of coins and your current health bar are both displayed at the top of the screen. If your health drops to zero, your vehicle will be destroyed. The level will be deleted, and you will have to start over.

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