Check out Cloudle, a cool new free game that was inspired by Worlde and is perfect for you if you want to improve your meterology rather than your vocabulary. The game challenges players to make educated guesses about the weather in a different city across the world on a daily basis by having them fill out a grid with weather symbols. It's like Wordle, except with weather instead of words, and I really dig it.


In Cloudle, you are presented with a city located somewhere in the world, and rather of the standard alphabet to input your predictions, you are given weather icons to choose from. Clear skies, a few clouds here and there, rain, thunderstorms, snow, fog, and other possible conditions. Simply make your best guess as to what the weather will be like in that city for the next five days, and then, in true Wordle fashion, you'll be shown which of your predictions have been spot on (green), which are part of the solution but are for the wrong day (yellow), and which aren't included in the five-day forecast at all (gray). You will get six opportunities to anticipate the forecast, and each day will feature a different city.

Although it may appear as though you are merely clicking on random weather tiles, you are actually able to make smart guesses depending on the location of the city. You can probably anticipate that it will rain in Seattle, Washington, or Copenhagen, Denmark, and be accurate about half of the time, right? In addition, there isn't much snow in places like Las Vegas, Nevada, or Perth, Australia. You should have a significant advantage over everyone else if the name of your own city ever appears in a crossword puzzle. It's quite cool that Cloudle's techniques will organically adjust over the year to account for the varying conditions that can be found in different regions of the planet.

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