Crissle Crossle

Crissle Crossle


The game Crissle Crossle is a form of the crossword puzzle that can be played online. In order to sate your hunger for excitement, there are two game modes available: daily and infinite.

You have to be the best there is at guessing people's words, don't you? The following is a list of useful advice. Join Crissle Crossle right away to put your skills to the test and face the challenges.


Click the buttons at the top to play every day or for as long as you want.

Each guess must be a five-letter word that makes sense. Hit the "Enter" key to send.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the real word.

Also, after each guess, a blue word will show up on the right, making it harder to guess.

Your guess is affected in the same way as the answer by the blue word in the same row.