The Dangle game is a daily guessing game for hockey players. Every day, a different player will be a mystery for you to guess.

I owe a lot of what I know to Poeltl, and as a die-hard hockey fan, I felt that it was essential that we have our very own take on the viral game. Worldle and, of course, the popular Wordle both served as helpful resources for me. Without them, there is no way that this could be done!


You have 8 guesses, and you can pick any NHL player from today.

When a cell is green, it means that attribute is right!

If there is a yellow cell in the age column, you are within 2 years. If there is a yellow cell in the number column, you are within 5 numbers.

A yellow cell in the team column means that the mystery player once played for that team.

If there is no color, it means that the mystery player's attribute has no similarities or matches.

No more ideas? Take a look at the shape!

Too simple? Check out the setting for "hard mode."

Every day, there will be a new player you don't know.


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