Don't Wordle

Don't Wordle

Is a more complex Wordle alternative what you seek? If you're looking for a Wordle alternative that will leave your brain spinning, try Don't Wordle. Like its name suggests, Don't Wordle does not require you to guess words; yet, the rules remain the same. Don't Wordle is quite similar to Antiwordle, except it's much more challenging.

How to play 

Even though the makers of Don't Wordle say that "the catch is that your word guesses must be based on what you've learned from your previous guesses," the game's simplicity belies how hard it is.

This means that if you successfully turn a letter green, it must remain in the same position in your subsequent guess. If a letter appears in yellow, you must rethink where you're going to put your next guess. Lastly, if you make a bad guess and remove a letter, turning it gray, you can never use it again.

With each guess, the remaining number of correct answers will decrease and be displayed at the top of the screen. If the total is incorrect, press the "UNDO" button to start over. Take caution! You will lose the game even if you still have some UNDOs left if you accidentally enter the Wordle word.


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