Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a free vertical jumping game in which the objective is to avoid falling off platforms. Avoid attackers and gaps in the wall, as they will stop your ascent. Collect protective bubbles or helicopter caps to overcome flying foes and ascend to greater heights.

How to play

You ascend a sheet of graph paper by continuously leaping from one platform to the next, collecting jet packs, avoiding black holes, and firing nose balls at enemies along the way. Laugh with glee as you blast past the actual score markers written in the margins by other players. Warning: This game is quite addictive!

Tips and Tricks

  • In Doodle Jump, there are various ways to move and score more quickly. The first method is to use the springs to propel your alien up higher. You will also find rocket boosters and a propeller cap that will help you go higher. 
  • Brown platforms that shatter on impact will be the first thing in your way, but don't worry; they're not a big deal. Alien invaders are the biggest worry. You don't want to accidentally headbutt one because you jumped too quickly. This makes it much simpler to fire upon them and continue forward.
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