Dr Panda Restaurant

Dr Panda Restaurant

Prepare to run an animal restaurant in Dr. Panda Restaurant. At the doctor's restaurant, clients will be dropped off by a yellow taxi, which will be filled with diverse wild creatures and domesticated animals. After they have entered the hall, lead them to the dining room and seat them at a table. The animals will then place their order after perusing the menu.

Manage the restaurant like a professional and satisfy all the customers! Your guests are extremely hungry! You will next be required to cook the requested food by following the recipe's on-screen directions, and you will be provided with all of the necessary materials and utensils. Using the mouse is all that is required to prepare the dishes as depicted on the screen.

Create pizzas, apple pies, soups, and fruit smoothies, among other dishes and beverages. Prepare these delectable gourmet foods and enjoy feeding the animals! Remember to wipe down the tables and recycle the trash.

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