Draw Leg

Draw Leg

You'll need to draw and climb your way to victory in Draw Climber. A cube can't move since it doesn't have the necessary limbs, but since you're here with your magic pen, you can give it the ability to do so. Can you beat each stage and collect enough cash to buy new equipment?

One neat feature is that you'll get to draw the legs while you guide the protagonist to victory. Finding the correct legs for that level is a problem in and of itself. Legs will not carry over from one level to the next unless otherwise specified. In addition to being entertaining and fascinating, the game also features several original concepts.

The ability to think beyond the box and consistently introduce novel, interesting, and potentially successful ideas is essential. You'll have to break a sweat if you want to finish the level and obtain that perfect score.

Draw carefully, as each stage contains its own unique assortment of shapes and challenges. Have fun!

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