Evil Wurdle

Evil Wurdle


After you make a guess, Evil Wurdle may modify the answer in any way it sees fit so long as it remains consistent with the outcomes of all the other guesses. It does it in a competitive manner, selecting the outcome of each prediction. It will never select a solution unless doing so will make the game last for the maximum amount of time.


Therefore, in addition to being required to use all greens and yellows, you also need to use all of the colors that are available.

  • You can't guess a word with a black letter in it. That's not allowed to be an answer in this situation.
  • Any letter that was yellow in the same position can't be guessed.
  • After getting a yellow and black on the same letter, you can't thereafter guess a word with that letter twice. There is nothing special about getting two different colors.
  • If you get two greens and a black, you can't guess a word with the letter three times after that. This is also true if there are two yellows and a black, but Rule 2 covers that situation.
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