Explordle is a fun geography game in which players are tasked with recognizing certain locations within the context of a video uploaded to YouTube. It's a little bit like playing Geoguessr, except instead of using Google Street View, you'll be using a video to try to figure out where you are.

The guidelines on how to play Explordle are extremely easy to understand. You will be shown a video of an undetermined place, and your task will be to identify the location from among a choice of four options. Once you've made your guess and found out if it was right or wrong, you'll be able to look at the real location of the video on an interactive map.


In the case of the Daily Adventure, for instance, first the region, then the nation, and lastly the city in question are given. After that, you'll have the same ability to share your accomplishments as you do in Wordle. Alternately, a menu may provide a selection of movies organized into subheadings denoted either by nation or by subject matter, such as monuments, as an example. In addition to that, there is a random video generator that will put your talents for observation to the ultimate test.

Look for linguistic clues in the names of stores and signage on the streets; dress and costume can provide indications as well; examine the weather.

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