Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer

Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer

Taking cues from the popular UNO card game, Four Colors World Tour is a fun multiplayer card game in which players compete to be the first to discard all of their cards.

Do you like to play Uno? This game is perfect for you because it is based on the Uno game but with additional enhancements and features. When it comes to this game, you have three options: two players, three players, and four players. Select your preferred mode and begin the game.

To win, you must first eliminate all of your cards, just like in Uno. When you have the final card, press 1 to alert the other players. You will be penalized for adding two more cards if you do not complete this stage. The cards include numbers 0 to 9 and four different colors: yellow, purple, green, and blue. Cards of the same color or number as the previous card can be removed. There are also special cards like the one that changes color, the one that adds cards to the next player, the one that bans the next player, and the one that rotates. Use these exceptional cards to your advantage and win. Best wishes!!

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