Fun Escape 3D

Fun Escape 3D

A scary chase like you've never seen before awaits you in Fun Escape 3D! At this time, there is no requirement to depart immediately. It's critical that you get out of here as soon as possible because your life is in danger. Think of yourself walking across a massive stone bridge as you try to leave your troubles behind. But this bridge is full of death traps, and your foes have sworn to eliminate you. For how much longer do you believe you can withstand this perilous environment? 

Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths. It's too late to back out now, so you might as well work out. While you're on the run, you're focused on one goal in particular. The important thing is to keep running despite the many difficulties you will face. You now have not one, but two adversaries who are staking their claim on achieving the same goals as you. The good news is that the opposition is not the fundamental issue. Because you are the sole survivor of this road, which was built to kill, you must keep going. Your character can be moved by clicking and dragging the mouse. Getting into the water is a surefire way to die. You need to push your enemies away from you at the very last second if you don't want to die. You can see how far down the meter you are at any time by looking at the screen's top. If you keep failing to beat the game's obstacles, there's little use in trying again. You'll need it in a minute!

How To Play Fun Escape 3D

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