Finding the names of renowned people who have the same DNA is the object of the novel and original gameplay in Genele, a version on Wordle. Discover and examine people's genomes.

A character sheet with both letters and numbers, as well as a 5x12 grid, will be given to each player. After 12 tries, you need to guess the gene symbol, which is 3-5 letters long. Because there are 5 cells in the grid, you must utilize spaces and the numbers 0 to 9 to verify the game's authenticity if your forecast contains shorter general letters. The game will provide hints demonstrating whether or not each prediction was correct, as well as ideas for the following ones.

Green letters: Green letters denote a letter that is both a component of the gene symbol and is positioned correctly within the symbol.

Red letters: Red letters show that a letter in a prediction is a component of a gene symbol but is positioned incorrectly within the symbol.

Gray letters: Gray letters denote a letter that is not a component of the gene symbol.

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