Ghost Fight IO

Ghost Fight IO


Ghost Fight io is a fun game in which players take on the role of ghost hunters. Living as a ghost isn't as as challenging as you would think it is! Simply navigate the area and collect each of the orbs or energy blobs that are thrown about. Get a hold of the booster and the shield so they can help you out on the field. You should focus on consuming the smaller energy blobs that are floating around and avoid the larger ones. Conquer your opponents and demonstrate that you are the best Ghost fighter there is!

Using Ghost Fight IO, you may choose a moniker for your afterlife and then join the ranks of the other specters. Consume the little light spheres to boost your spookiness rating and become more effective at killing ghosts. Flying around in a spooky cemetery while collecting boosts to keep other players at far, your goal is to increase the size of your soul while avoiding being devoured by the living dead.


What happens once a person has passed away? Of course, in order to win some small light balls, you have to face off against other adorable ghosts in cage matches. At the very least, this is how things operate in the world that we live in. You may potentially float around in this area for all of eternity, competing with other people for power while searching for more. Since we already have an infinite amount, let's give you a name so that we don't have to keep looking for more. Enter a nickname to search for a suitable partner. You must instantly start running away if you want to escape being attacked by other people. Grab hold of those shining pieces as you make your way over there. Each specter bears scrawled scores on its surface. There is also a scoreboard located in the top left corner of the screen. Boots, magnets, and shields are the three distinct types of boosters that can be purchased. The usage of boots will make your movement quicker, but you still need to exercise caution when doing so. Magnets will bring glistening balls to you, and shields will keep you safe from the attacks of your opponents. Make effective use of the assets provided by other players to catapult your ghost name to the top of the scoreboard.

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