The Canadian hockey hero Gordie Howe inspired Gordle, a word game where players guess the names of current and previous NHL players using only their last five letters.

Five or six guesses at the player's last name are allowed in Gordle. Putting the correct letter in the box will cause it to turn green. There's a yellow warning light if you type an erroneous letter into the box. Getting a grayed-out box indicates an incorrect answer.

How come this is so challenging? You can only use a five-letter clue to guess hockey players' surnames in Gordle. You can't just start typing terms at random and hope they're relevant. That's unfortunate because it rules out any viable starting points. Only you and your knowledge of previous and contemporary hockey players. As you patiently await the next Wordle, just remember to take time out to enjoy your new pastime.

If you're a fan of the ice game and love a challenging word puzzle, Gordle is the game for you. It offers a diverse set of puzzles that are fun to play again and again. Each day's solutions will give you useful hints for the puzzle.


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