Do you like challenging yourself intellectually every day with a new word puzzle, but wish there was more room for creativity? Let's try Griddle. Combining the tiles into words that make sense. Aim for maximum point accumulation at all costs. Show your pals your grid and you can all see how you stack up. In the same way that a new Wordle is created every day, so too is a new board. 

How to play 

  • Switch around the tiles to form phrases that make sense together. 
  • The tiles clearly display the value of each letter. 
  • Compared to other colors, blue tiles have a higher market value. 
  • Red tiles increase the value of every letter in a word. 
  • Letters and words that travel between the red and blue spaces score points. 
  • Gains are cumulative. 
  • To relocate a tile, simply grab it using two mouse clicks and drop it in its new location. There is no time limit on tile rearranging. 
  • If you tap a tile twice in quick succession, it will be returned to the rack. 
  • Upon using the majority of your available letters, the SUBMIT button will become active. Just tap it to make sure your words don't wander. 
  • This increases your potential score. A brand-new slate is set up each day.
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