Hamster Pop

Hamster Pop


The game is classified as a puzzle, and it is frequently grouped with block games and animal games. Hamster Pop is one of these games, tap on the hamsters to train your brain and advance through the levels of cute hamsters by collecting three of each type of hamster. This will allow you to go through the stages more quickly. Inlogic software is the publisher of this video game, which was released on Friday, June 3, 2022.

How To Play Hamster Pop

In Hamster Pop, you have to figure out a quick puzzle in order to get all of the cute animals. Unlike most board games, this one has a few things that make it stand out. In the playground, a hamster-themed square-brick tower will appear out of nowhere. It will have a lot of different colors on it. You can find a unique place further down. To get rid of Hamster Pop from the playing field, you must first collect three identical pups. As you go through the levels, the pyramid gets bigger and you can play with different kinds of hamsters.

Tap on the screen to play this game.


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