There is no daily word limit for Jordle, so you can play as often as you like. You have six chances to guess the word. Multiple languages. Following each guess, the color of the tiles will shift to indicate how close you came to guessing the correct word. Try playing in the difficult mode, in which each word must contain all of the letters that were in the word before it.


Jordle with Jordie is a word game with a Neopian theme that is based on Wordle. Each day, you have 6 chances to figure out the Jordle word. Along the way, Jordie might stop by to cheer you on!

Your guess has to be a word that is in our dictionary. There are proper nouns, if they are Neopian, but there are also words from the real world. Sign in to your Account to save your work.

Each guess will show which letters are in the answer to Jordle.


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