Kart Fight.io

Kart Fight.io

Take control of a feline character in Kart Fight.io and compete against other players in online multiplayer action. None of these cats appear to be giving up lightly; they are all ferocious. Are you prepared to demonstrate your superiority by defeating all of your rivals?

You begin the game in an arena, driving a little go-kart. To win, you must complete three circuits on different courses. Other karts may attempt to eject you from your vehicle, push you into obstacles, or cause you to turn in the opposite direction. Just maintain a one-step advantage over other players by moving faster and having a superior plan. After defeating multiple opponents, your size and strength will grow. If you are the last person standing in the arena, you will be declared the winner.


  • Arcade game with straightforward one-button controls.
  • Brilliant 2D graphics
  • Many goods and abilities
  • Unlock greater heroes
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