Enter the Koxo Arena with your ball and chain and destroy all of your opponents. To attack your foes, make expansive motions.

You will control a hero who is carrying a ball on a chain in the game. The objective is to collect objects that increase the size of the ball. After that, you only need to move the ball in such a way as to eliminate all of your opponents. This will enable you to eliminate them and advance on the scoreboard.


  • Unique gameplay that is simple to learn but challenging to master.
  • Robust, physics-based combat that focuses exclusively on flail-fighting
  • Comprehensive mechanism for character personalization with a variety of hues
  • Crisp, well-optimized 2D visuals that operate without trouble on outdated systems
  • In Koxo.io, you can engage in potentially limitless battles against friends and strangers
  • Controls are tuned for a range of input types that are both intuitive and responsive

Arrow keys / WASD to move Mouse to move your ball and chain

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