Maze Monster

Maze Monster

Maze Monster is an easy and entertaining maze game in which you play as a bright and adorable little monster who only wants to eat food. This monster adores sweets, and this maze is filled with it. The only problem is that he has no idea which way to go! Can you guide him in the proper route before time runs out in this adorable and hard puzzle game? 

How to play

Tap or click any location in the maze to move your monster there. Ensure that you know where you're headed! He must solve the riddle to avoid getting lost. You do not desire an angry, ravenous beast. When your monster reaches the sweets, the level will be completed. This game offers 45 unique levels for players to finish. You can get up to three stars on every level. This depends on how quickly you accomplish a level, and your progress is displayed at the top of the screen. Good luck!

Tap and drag to solve the maze.

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