Moviedle is an online puzzle game that is visually gorgeous and has a unique premise. Players must guess the image and provide the best solution in order to complete the puzzle and discover the mystery movie. In order to finish the mystery movie as quickly as possible, use the fewest number of clues possible. Having you ready?


More and more people are using Moviedle. It takes the fundamental ideas and gives them a distinctly cinematic twist. You see, you're attempting to describe a movie rather than attempting to forecast a word. It seems simple enough, doesn't it? There is, however, a crucial complexity to take into account.

You only need a second of video to form your first assumption. There will be a flash of the entire movie, including all of the movie shots. You shouldn't worry; it's extremely daunting. You get six chances to try again before you fail, and each one slows down the process.

About twenty movies will be shown every second to aid players in recognizing the day's featured movie. Todd can be guessed using nothing more than the movie's name.


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