Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands

In Ninja Hands, you'll play as a cruel ninja warrior and use your amazing skills to protect your friends from enemies who will do anything to kill them.

Swipe the mouse in the direction of your adversaries to face them head-on, and then use key combinations like Q, W, and E to cast ninja spells at them. Be quick, though, since your opponents can counterattack if they're quicker on their feet than you are.

You can also lose if you make the rookie error of attacking the captives instead of their captors. You can win familiars like attack dogs and secret jutsu and techniques just by watching advertisements between stages and you can spend the money you earn from completing levels on purchasing new abilities and cosmetic items.

There are more foes and more complex environments in later levels, but if you keep your mind on the task at hand and play your best, you will eventually prevail!

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