Pac Xon

Pac Xon

The protagonist of Pac Xon is a well-known character with a voracious appetite, and you'll be in charge of him. Relentless hunger has brought Pac back, and he needs your help defeating his spooky foes. How much can you help him get through each stage and catch his scary enemies? 

Keep them in check if you can't consume them! Because of Pac's plans, let's get started with the match. To complete a level, players must fill up at least 80% of the available space. Use the arrow keys to direct your protagonist's movements. Start the game by selecting the new game option from the main menu. When you first enter the game, you'll notice various spirits dispersed throughout the environment. Level objectives are displayed as a percentage in the top right corner of the screen. Use caution as you navigate the environment. If a ghost comes across the line you've drawn as you move through space, you'll meet a grisly end. As you make your way through the game, you'll face a wide variety of monsters. Some can breach your defenses, while others will stick with you until you're dead. Not to fret, though! As you go, you'll unlock new abilities that will make the game easier to play.

How To Play Pac Xon

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