Persia Prince Dash

Persia Prince Dash

In Persia Prince Dash discovers a vast quantity of coins concealed throughout the castle. Go on a mission to obtain as many as possible! Will you be able to shepherd our lovely hero through perilous dungeons without suffering any damage?
On each stage of the game, you must guide the prince through the castle rooms and into the final door, but only if you collect the key along the way. Before you approach the door, you should attempt to gather all coins and earn the maximum score possible.

To navigate the palace, use your mouse to swipe in the desired direction, and keep in mind that the prince can only dash from wall to wall or change direction when he collides with obstacles. If you discover treasure chests, you should attempt to approach them in order to obtain additional coins.

W -move Up; A - move Left; S - move Down; D - move Right; Or mouse control movement;

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