Pokey Stick

Pokey Stick

Pokey Stick is a straightforward sprinting game. The objective is to pull the stick back to hurl a character to the finish line and collect as many coins as possible.

How to play

Simply continue to pull back on the control stick to have the character hurl as far as possible toward the finish line. There are many towering obstacles in your path, so you must fly as high as you can to avoid them. Regardless of the number of obstacles or the difficulty of the course, you must overcome all of them and be the first to cross the finish line in order to succeed and earn multiplier points for a higher score. If you feel like you're about to fall before the finish line, simply click the left mouse button, and your character will rapidly drop back down! Let's see how many points you score and how much quicker you are than your competitor! Use the mouse to interact with this bizarre 3D game and become the most agile and dynamic participant possible.

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