Lynn substituted QWRTL for Josh's original, which omitted the letter E. No longer are you limited by the most prevalent icon when playing. 

The new Wordle is identical to the old one except for the missing letter E; the game can be played endlessly, and the player can choose any length of hidden word from four letters to eleven. Additionally, the original game's five-point baseline is maintained here. However, by adjusting the slider, you can select anywhere from 4 to 11 characters. The rules are simple, as each player has just six chances to correctly guess the coded word. 

QWRTL has a Today's mode that you may switch to by clicking the button that says "Today's" in the top left corner. Once you've decided on a game mode and the total quantity of characters, you may start typing the words. Get the proper random word by typing it in and checking it. After each guess, the tiles' hues will shift to indicate how close you came to guessing the correct word. If the letter is colored green, it belongs in the correct location. When a letter is highlighted in yellow, it implies it is part of the word but not in the correct place. When a letter is grayed out, it is because it is not needed to decipher the hidden word. Enjoy!


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