Robox is a puzzle platformer in which you guide a robot through a dark labyrinth to freedom.  As he travels, assist him in destroying adversaries and traps.  Try to reach the exit by jumping and shooting boxes with your teleport gun.

The gameplay is really straightforward and traditional. You only need to guide our robot to the level's exit door so that it can go to the next level. There are altogether 30 levels to complete. To accomplish this, you must navigate the platforms and devise strategies for overcoming certain obstacles. Use the J key or interact with the nearby blocks. Hence, you will be able to find the most expedient evacuation route. Try not to fall through the chasm or onto the spikes in order to prevent the level from sliding. See if you can pass all thirty stages and complete the quest!

A / left arrow key = move left D / right arrow key = move right W / Up Arrow = jump X / J = shoot R = reset Esc / B = back

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