Sausage Run

Sausage Run


Legend has it that the Famous Racing Sausages started to take shape in the early 1990s. This is what SAUSAGE RUN is based on.Sausage Run is a tough runner-game. Please assist the sausage in evading capture in the kitchen. Get the hell out of there!



Cute mittens and pastel decor won't deceive this hungry type. Pass 100 agility challenges and reach the end of this kitchen maze to survive. Your plump face isn't a major concern for most. Beware the frying traps and swinging hooks. Accelerate when ready to pass traps. Run on water to prevent drowning, and slow down before heated surfaces to maintain balance. Collect gold from levels and in unlimited mode to unlock hero skins. Change the mode to break records or keep going on your quest, and look at the achievements page to set goals

How To Play Sausage Run

Hold to speed up running.

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