Shadoworld Adventure

Shadoworld Adventure

Explore the shadowy world of Shadoworld Adventure, where peril lurks at every turn!  This classic game transports you to a shadow-based other universe with its stunning 2D graphics and engaging action. How long do you anticipate lasting in this one-on-one game?

How to play

The objective of each level is to locate the key and unlock the door.  There are several barriers to face along the way to the key.  Can you complete all 50 levels?

Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the hero through the perilous world. Press the up arrow to jump. Double-jump by tapping the up arrow twice. Employ a double-leap to reach a higher platform. Land on formidable foes to eradicate them from your travels. When you discover the key, transport the protagonist to the green platform to begin the next level.

DESKTOP: A = Move Left / D = Move Right / W = Jump and Mouse for Navigation MOBILE DEVICES: Touch Buttons on Screen

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