Skeleton Hunter

Skeleton Hunter

Skeleton Hunter is an amazing 3D game with scary skeletons. Develop your archery talents to become the game's top archer.

Skeletons assault your village. As the best archer in the town, you have been tasked with destroying all skeletons. Employ your bow and arrows to eliminate them. Attempt to aim precisely and eliminate all approaching skeletons. Try to avoid them if you don't want to die quickly. Move between houses and use them, along with trees, other items, and structures, as shelters. Do not allow the skeletons to encircle you, and keep an eye on the periphery; the enemy can appear from anywhere, literally sprouting from the ground. Skeletons, despite their fragility, are extremely dangerous and strong, and in Skeleton Hunter, they are armed and even equipped. Stay as long as you can and kill as many skeletons as you can.

You can direct the character with W,A,S,D and Mouse. Use Mouse click to shoot!

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