Snow War .io

Snow War .io

Amazing wargame with a Christmas theme, Snow You may play multiplayer anywhere in the world in real time! Choose between a large snowball and many smaller ones to throw at your opponents! Try to push them off the game screen, avoid the obstacles, and be the last player standing!

What could be more fun during the cold winter months than gathering snow to make snowballs and then hurling them at your enemy while dodging their shots?

It's your job to take charge of a snowman and hurl snowballs at your opponents from all corners of the globe. As your snowman and snowball arsenal grows from the snowflakes you collect, so will your throwing power. At the same time, you have to avoid getting hit by the snowballs. If you don't, your enemies will easily wipe you out! You have a chance to make history in the snow arena today and become a legend among snow fighters.


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