Speedle, as its name suggests, is essentially a speeded-up version of Wordle, making it ideal for people who tend to finish ordinary Wordle games a little too quickly and want to really test their abilities. 

Speedle starts out as a game similar to Wordle. You have six chances to correctly guess each word, and the green and yellow squares will provide hints. Speedle squares turn green when a letter is properly positioned; yellow ones indicate that the letter you choose is there but not in the proper location. While the original Wordle only allows you to play once per day at midnight, Speedle allows you to play as many games as you like. 

Additionally, the first Wordle solutions are always five-letter words. On Speedle, you can also utilize a slider to alter how challenging a word is. You can vary the answer's letter count from four to eleven using the slider at the top of Speedle. However, there is a six-guess limit for each game.

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