Squardle is an extended version of Wordle. It works almost the same way, but you have to guess a square of 5 words of 5 letters (5x5).With Squardle, you can solve the 5-word square in less than 10 tries. 

After entering the attempt and pressing Enter, the tiles of the suggested words are colored in each row and keyboard:

  • Unless the letter is in the right place, it will be in green.
  • When you have guessed the letter but it is in a different place, it will be in yellow.
  • And gray if the letter isn't in the solution.
  • After you play it, you can share your results on social networks with your friends.


Connect letters up, down, left, right, and diagonally to make words. Words with more letters are worth more points.

When your progress bar reaches the first star, the letters on the board will start to fade away when you've found every word that uses those letters. After that, get to the star for another new trick!

Just like Scrabble, Squaredle doesn't let you use words with capital letters or hyphens.

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