In this variant of Wordle, which is called Statele, you have to correctly guess the states in as few as six guesses as possible. Following each guess, the distance, direction, and percentage of accuracy of the guess in relation to the target state are displayed.


You are only 66% close to the target state due to the fact that it is so far away from NEW MEXICO, which is located 975 miles away and to the northeast of the target state.

It looks like Michigan is getting there! 470 kilometers away, in the direction of the west, and accurate to 83%!

It is now up to you to make a guess! The next stop is Minnesota! Well done!

Statele also has a mode that is accessible to persons who are colorblind and features colors with a high level of contrast for those who want or desire this accessibility feature. You should have a good time playing this geography game, and it should also help you learn more about the states in the United States.


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