Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel


Stickman Temple Duel is a game that you can play. In this episode's story mode, you will have to do things that are hard. Every part of the bot has a player, an image changer, and more. A gun battle will happen on the other side when you shoot. For 40 chapters, you'll have to put yourself in the shoes of a skinny but brave stickman who is ready to give everything he has to make it through this adventure. Whoever gets the gun first and shoots the other side is the winner. Use your reflexes to avoid almost certain death, kill your enemies before they kill you, use physics to move quickly, and pick up the weapons you find along the way to protect your life at all times.


Controls for Story Mode:

Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys.

Aim : Mouse control shoot, mouse left click.

Controls For 2 Player:

Player 1 Movement : arrow keys.

Player 1 Shoot : “L” key.

Player 1 Shield: “K” key.

Player 2 Movement: WASD keys.

Player 2 Shoot: “F” key.

Player 2 Shield: “G” key.

Controls for VS Bot:

Movement: Arrow Keys.

Shoot: “L” Key Shield: “K” key.


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