Subwaydle is a great trivia game that will test how well you know the New York City subway system. The main objective is to deduce the day's route from the subway markings, which requires adhering to a number of restrictions pertaining to backtracking and transfers. This version may seem quite difficult to those who are not from New York or who are not accustomed to taking public transportation.

How to play 

Many of the guidelines for Wordle also apply to Subwaydle. There is a daily routine that follows a set path between any two of the subway's 472 stops. For instance, to complete the route from Jefferson Avenue to Wall Street in Friday's puzzle, players will need to make two transfers. You'll need to take three trains and switch trains twice to get where you need to go. No matter how well thought out the route is, it must be physically feasible within the constraints of the subway system, which means no transfers outside of stations or bus connections.

Tiles will change colors, like in Wordle, after each attempt. Also, weekday puzzles are based on weekday train schedules, while weekend puzzles are based on weekend train schedules. You get a total of six attempts at this.


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