Super Boxing Fight Night

Super Boxing Fight Night

Grab your boxing gloves and prepare to confront your opponents in the boxing ring in Super Boxing Fight Night. The crowd is cheering, and your coach is intently observing you. Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee to defeat your opponent and claim victory! Have you got what it takes to endure your opponents' continuous attacks? The game is a boxing game, and it is extremely simple to play; all you have to do is click on your opponent to attack him, and then you can use punches, blocks, and other techniques to defend yourself. When you defeat a foe, you can keep their blows and collect gems. If you are the winner, you are permitted to keep your gems. The objective is to collect the most gems to win the war.


  • Increasingly intelligent adversaries
  • Demanding battles
  • Simple touch-based gameplay
  • Benefit from combination bonuses
  • Develop your skills as a fighter and athlete
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