Revenge Revenge

This updated version of Revenge is filled with scary zombies waiting to attack the city. As a human warrior with limitless potential, you will have to accept the heroic mantle of saving the city. You and the other survivors will have to pick up your weapons and battle against these zombies. The undead are wicked and terrifying!


In the video game Revenge, dangerous zombies are around and ready to attack your city. You must protect the city as a courageous, limitless-potential human warrior. You and the remaining survivors must arm yourselves and engage the zombies. Zombies are lethal and malevolent!


  • You can engage and defeat over a thousand monsters simultaneously!
  • Use only one hand to traverse the map!
  • A brand-new, infinite-combination rogue-lite skill encounter
  • At each stage, you will encounter the heat with varying degrees of difficulty.
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