Thirtle is a fun game in which you have to solve 30 puzzles as fast as you can. This is a smooth, fast-paced animation version of the classic word guessing game. This copy of the game Wordle, which is popular all over the world, will test your patience and vocabulary. 

How to play 

  • Guess a random 5-letter word in Thirty and pay attention to the orange, yellow, and gray letters. These letters will show that they belong to a mysterious word. 
  • If the text is orange, the letter is where it should be. 
  • If the word is yellow, the letter is in other parts of the word. 
  • If these letters are gray, they don't go together. 
  • To move on to the next word, you must find each secret word in less than six tries. 
  • At the start of the game, try to use a word with as many vowels as possible and as few repeated letters as possible, like "radio." You're supposed to write 30 words in a row. You have to start over if you miss one. When you're done playing, it's easy to share your score on social media or take a picture of your quiz.
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