Warmle is quite similar to Wordle, with the exception that a yellow clue will let you know if you are within three letters of the correct letter at that spot. 

How to play 

The word can be guessed five times in the game Warmle. Everyone begins with the same clue, which is determined by a random selection. 

The letters in your guess are: 

  • The circle will become green whenever the letter is entered correctly. If you are successful, you get to keep the letter (green). There is no need to speculate once more.
  • If the letter doesn't belong there but it's quite close, it should be yellow. (inside the first three letters of the alphabet). 
  • If it's more than three letters away from the right letter, it's gray.
  • A form of a progress meter is shown by the thermometer that may be found at the bottom. It will tell you how many words in the dictionary you have eliminated at this point, depending on the hints that you have received.
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