Fans of Wordle, who are limited to completing one problem each day, now have the option to complete every puzzle ever released by using Warple. A large part of Wordle's appeal comes from the fact that it can be used on a daily basis with friends, but it's possible that some users might enjoy catching up on the puzzles they've missed.

How to play

There is a five-letter word that must be guessed within six tries if you are unfamiliar with Wordle's operation. One of three colors will appear on the letter tiles after each guess. A grayed-out tile indicates that the corresponding letter does not appear in the target word. If the letter you guessed is in the word but not in the correct position, the tile will turn yellow. When the tile changes from red to green, the letter is in the correct position and becomes part of the correct word. The number of correct answers you've given and your current winning streak will be recorded by the site. 

Warple is a variant of Wordle that faithfully recreates the original game down to the riddles and the correct final words. In other words, it doesn't only generate Wordle-esque puzzles. Unlike the official Wordle, this game does not impose a daily limit on users, allowing them to work on as many puzzles as they desire at once. Enjoy!


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