Weddle Game

Weddle Game


Weedle Game is available in random challenge and today's challenge modes. In the game Weedle, you must correctly identify an NFL player within eight trials. We'll demonstrate how to use it and offer tips on how to improve as it's more difficult than the original Wordle.


Visit the official Weddle Game website.

Now that the area on the screen is clear, you can type the NFL Football player's name there.

Choose any active NFL player if you have eight chances to guess correctly!

Find the NFL player in the fewest possible attempts.

Due to the requirement that the solution player must be an active fantasy player, only wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, and tight ends are permitted.

Each guess will result in a change in the color of the tiles, depending on how well you guessed the player.

Any column that is green indicates a match.

The division column's color yellow denotes the correct conference but the incorrect division.

If the player's height, age, and weight are yellow, it means that they are true to within two inches, years, or numbers.

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