What would happen if the system for the game lied about your guesses? It is very likely that it will throw you off and perhaps even cause you to feel lost. This is the essence of what Weredle is all about. The game is very similar to Wordle in terms of how it is actually played. However, there is a catch: it's possible that one of the tiles has been giving you false information. Each word has a "werewolf" letter, which means that each guess has an equal chance of being correct or incorrect. The game receives a brand-new conundrum on a daily basis. 

How to play

You have a total of six opportunities to solve the WEREDLE, which might be pronounced "wear-dull." Following each guess, the color of the tiles shifts to represent how close you came to the correct answer. There is one werewolf tile that could provide you with an incorrect answer no matter how many times you guess, but it could also provide you with the correct answer. After you have successfully guessed your first word, you will be required to select a tile and determine whether or not it is the werewolf.

The hues are the same as in Wordle, and when you locate the tile depicting a werewolf, it will have a crimson border all the way around it. When you click on a tile and a blue border emerges around it, you'll know that it's not the werewolf because the werewolf has a red border around his tile. Once you have located the werewolf, there will be no more bogus tiles for you to find. The right answers to the tiles you've already guessed will be shown on the keyboard, while the wrong answers will have red borders.

This particular iteration of Wordle provides you with a great deal more material to consider. If you can determine which of the tiles on the board represents the werewolf, you can be confident that the rest of the letters you have chosen are correct. If this is not the case, the situation becomes quite difficult because you do not know which letters to utilize in order to try to guess the word. Including this new wrinkle in the gameplay provides for a more entertaining experience overall. Have fun!


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