Winx Club Spot the Differences

Winx Club Spot the Differences


In Winx Club Spot the Differences, hone your investigative abilities. Check for Differences. Look for variations! You are starting a new adventure with the most beautiful fairies on planet. The Winx girls are anxiously awaiting your departure on this important and difficult journey. So, are you willing to serve as their detective?


I've given you a fun spot-the-differences exercise. There are twelve levels of pure adventure. You must proceed with caution and focus only on the offered photographs. At each level, you will view two pictures of our adorable characters. Click on the regions that jump out to you to see the differences between these two virtually identical photos. If you are having problems identifying any differences, click on the light bulb icon to get help. Before moving on to the next level, you must meet a point minimum for each one. Each correct estimate will earn you 100 points. Being careless and clicking at random will cost you 20 points, so exercise caution. Now let's see whether you can complete every level of this excellent detective game.

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