Word Wipe

Word Wipe

Word Wipe is a great way to brush up on your vocabulary or learn some new words. Words will be learned while playing this game. Just how far do you think you can get in this game? 

Do you know that the first word search puzzle was created and released in the year 1968? This type of problem has its roots in the distant past. Before, we only had a paper version of this game, but now you can play it online! If you're ready to get started, hit the play button. The goal of the game is to locate as many words as possible in each stage. You can solve the puzzle by searching for the beginning letters of the words from left to right or right to left. Once you've located the letter, check the eight adjacent letters to see if the word's subsequent letter is among them. When all levels have been conquered in this manner, you can return to the beginning and start over. In addition, you only have a set amount of time to solve the puzzle; use the clock at the bottom left of the screen as a guide. On that screen, you'll also be able to view your level objectives and current score. Quickly eliminating as many lines as possible will result in the maximum potential score, so get to it!

How To Play Word Wipe

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